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Hybrid Custom Integration specializes in the following services:

    Future-Proof Structured Wiring
    Multi-Room Audio/Video Systems
    Dedicated Home Cinema Rooms
    Lighting Controls, Automation, Security

We conduct our business with the highest professional standards, attention to detail and quality control in every phase of your project.

PLANNING - Client consultation with clear understanding of requirements
DESIGN / ENGINEERING - System integration, specification of parts & equipment
PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Coordination of certified installations & calibrations
DOCUMENTATION / FOLLOW-UP - System instruction, warranties, customer service

Future-Proof Structured Wiring

Future proofing is essential in today's market — homes are not only being designed for today's needs but also for tomorrow's applications. With converging technologies and the emergence of the information highway, this type of future proofing is essential. A proper low-voltage wiring infrastructure integrates voice, sound, video and high-speed data allowing for various whole-house applications such as:
  • Distributed Audio/Video
  • Cablevision / Satellite
  • Telephone / Intercom
  • Internet / Ethernet
  • Automation, Security and more
Structured Wiring provides the network to deliver these facilities in a flexible, modular configuration, which can easily accommodate future changes. Such planning has proven to increase the resell value of the property.

Multi-Room Audio/Video Distribution

DVD, lighting, automation, Vantage, HAI, Lutron, certified, Middle Atlantic, speakers Imagine being able to hear your favorite music and/or view a video source anywhere in the house while another family member listens to or watches something else in a different room. Now imagine doing all this at the touch of a button! A multi-room system can be designed to satisfy an avid music listener or just provide background music for number of rooms. Distributed audio/video signals access any designated room with independent volume control and source selection. Our technicians will install and set up your desired configuration while ensuring proper integration with the décor and design of your house.

Dedicated Home Cinema Rooms

Home Cinema recreates the experience of the local theater in the comfort and privacy of your own home. This is primarily realized through a high-performance audio system coupled with a superior video system, resulting in an exhilarating sound and picture experience. All aspects are considered, from interior design to final setup:
  • Audio/Video Engineering
  • Construction, Pre-wiring
  • Equipment and Furniture Installation
  • System Calibration and Maintenance
Custom Home Cinema is our primary specialty! It is our strong background and extensive expertise in this field that has created our enviable reputation in the industry.

Lighting Controls, Automation, Security

Convenience, conservation and safety are just some of the advantages in incorporating a custom multi-control system. At the touch of a button, you can change desired settings for:
  • Audio / Video
  • Lighting / Shading
  • Security, HVAC and more
Together with structured wiring, system integration is the key to achieving a smart whole-house system. Our professionals can implement automated lighting controls, ethernet and security systems all programmed to simplify your life!

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