Shahrokh Monjazeb

Academic Director/Supervising Instructor

Holds a B.Sc. from the University of Waterloo where he studied Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering. At U of W he was taught by such prominent audio researchers as Professor Dr. John Vanderkooy of the Audio Research Group. Mr. Monjazeb has worked as an OEM Engineer and a Consultant Engineer. In 1991 he founded HYBRID INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING GROUP in Waterloo, Ontario (the precursor of HYBRID TECHNICAL COLLEGE) providing comprehensive technical training to the professionals in the Consumer A/V Electronics industry. He is a full member of the Audio Engineering Society International and currently serves as HYBRID'S Dean and Curriculum Supervisor.

Amir Honarbakhsh

Senior Instructor

Holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering (M.Sc.) with a major in Digital Systems from the Heriot Watt University in Scotland. He has taught electronics for the past twenty-five years on a polytechnical level. Over the years, Mr. Honarbakhsh has gained valuable experience in technical applications by instructing field technicians in various industries. He is the instructor for the applied theory sections of Hybrid's programs.

Sean Olive

Senior Instructor

Holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Toronto and a Masters degree in Sound Recording Engineering from McGill University. For the last fifteen years Mr. Olive has been a major contributor to the audio/video industry, most notably for his work with Dr. Floyd Toole in psychoacoustic research. In 1993 he joined the R&D Group of Harmon International as manager of subjective evaluation. He has also taught at UCLA on critical listening and psychoacoustics design for recording engineers, and serves on their education advisory committee. He has authored several papers in the Journal of Audio Engineering Society (AES), winning AES publication awards in 1990 and 1995. In 1996 he received the AES Felowship Award for his contributions to the understanding of psychoacoustics in interactions between loudspeakers, listeners, and rooms. He has also co-authored (with Dr. Toole) a chapter on "Subjective Testing" in John Borwick's 3rd edition of "The Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook". Mr. Olive is a member of the AES Working Group on Listening Tests and the Technical Committee on Perception and Subjective Evaluation of Audio Signals. He is a past Governor for AES and past President for the Los Angeles AES section.

Dan Siefert

Senior Instructor

Is a member of the Audio Engineering Society and Acoustical Society of America. He entered the audio/video industry in 1975 designing high performance analog audio electronics for Great American Sound Company. In 1982 he founded Siefert Research, a high performance loudspeaker manufacturing venture. Mr. Siefert has also worked in a variety of engineering capacities contributing to Harman International's advanced subjective and objective measurement techniques and development of the JBL Synthesis SDEC digital equalizer. He currently works as an engineering consultant specializing in home theater products.

Richard Alan Stokes

Senior Instructor

Holds a diploma in Electrical and Electronics Technology from The Dublin Institute of Technology in Dublin, Ireland. He is a certified Electrical Contractor with over twenty years of field work experience in professional and consumer audio/video system design and installation. In 1990, Mr. Stokes created and set up A&B Sound's "Engineering Systems Division" (ESD) which designs and installs custom A/V systems for commercial and consumer applications. Today he continues to work in the audio/video system engineering field as a high level technical design consultant.

Don Van Driel

Senior Instructor

Holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta. He is a registered Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) and a full member of the Audio Engineering Society. Mr. Van Driel is also a certified Electrical Contractor. His career began in Radio Communications System Design and followed for a number of years with Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Limited. He has worked with Audio Systems for over twenty-five years and has designed and installed custom audio/video systems professionally since1989. In 1992 Mr. Van Driel launched Basonic Systems, a custom installation company primarily focused in designing & installing A/V systems in home and in commercial applications.




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